Schools Project

Our first major project is in conjunction with New Dawn Rovers who are delivering a humanitarian aid convoy from the UK to Algeria in Autumn 2012.  The convoy – led by volunteers – will benefit some of the 170,000 Sahrawi refugees living in camps in the region.  To encourage sustainable agriculture and enable families in the camps to have food security our target is to deliver ‘Grow Your Own’ (GYO) food kits to 100 Sahrawi families.

March 2012

This is where UK schools come in: we want 100 schools to participate in providing a GYO kit for a family and to open up international links by instigating a mutual exchange of support and solidarity.

We’re asking for each pupil to try and save 1 penny per day until they have 100 pennies each.  Every kit costs just £575 so if a whole school participates they can afford one!  We’re also encouraging other donations in kind and we want the students to take control of the fundraising ideas and to connect with the young people they’re helping by becoming pen pals.

If you want your school to be involved please see the info from the School flyer and e-mail 


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